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  • Stars or Likes? The 8 Best Crowdsourcing Review Systems

    Choosing the wrong rating or review system can kill your product. Before spending dev time building out any particular one, consider all your options! Here are the top eight: 1. Detailed survey Many don’t know how Rotten Tomatoes works. Critics give a review based on a certain set of criteria, and an algorithm ends up […]

  • Octalysis Framework: Summary of Gamification Meetup #6

    Original post date: May 18, 2015 We covered three things: 1. Overview of Octalysis pillars 2. Concentration on the first pillar. 3. Looking at Personal Projects. Here are our notes from yesterday: First, we filled in everyone on the basics of the octalysis framework… 1. Epic Calling and Meaning – this entails two parts: A. Striving to […]

  • Review: “Reality is Broken”

    Jane McGonigal, a digital game designer who earned her Ph.D. in performance from the University of California, Berkeley, Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, has been recognized as one of the early game designers and researchers that initiated the inquiry of the positive values of digital games in the contemporary society. In light of […]